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Department of Parasitology & Entomology

The Department of Parasitology & Entomology (Changed from Parasitology since 2009) , Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University, has 9 staff members, including 5 doctoral degree graduates, one medical doctor and 3 master's degree graduates. Most of the staff have been with the

Department for more than ten years. The Faculty's courses in Parasitology have been revised to cope with the problems of the country. Current problems of parasitic infections in the country, such as malaria, liver fluke infection, soil-transmitted helminths, vector control and emerging opportunistic parasitic infection are emphasized.

Departmental research is both diverse and technically focused. Recent research projects include the study of the ecology of snails (intermediate hosts of the human blood fluke). Schistosoma mekongi:, The discovery of more efficient diagnostic techniques for malarial infection; a study of techniques for the detection of opportunistic infection in HIV/AIDS patients; epidemiology of filarial in illegal laborers; mosquito control by biological and environmental measures; the search for effective mosquito repellent from plants; and study projects on the impact of water resource development on parasitic infections.

List of the Parasitology Department Head


Professor.Sawadhi Daengsawang


Professor.Tongchai Prapassarathorn


Assoc.Prof.Udomporn Chullalurk


Assoc.Prof.Jirapol Wiboonwatana


Assoc.Prof.Jirasak Rojanapremsuk


Assoc.Prof.Pakpimol Mahannop

2011- 2018

Asst.Prof.Prayute Bhuddhirakkul


Asst.Prof. Dr.Tawee Saiwichai


Telephone: +66 2354 8543-9 ext. 1208
Email: parichat.umt@mahidol.ac.th
Website: http://phpr.ph.mahidol.ac.th/
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